An Open Invitation to Sunday Brunch

Posted by on January 30, 2009 at 4:40 pm.

Hello Everyone!
Patrick and I would like to extend and open invitation to all of you for

Sunday Brunches at the Larenas-Murray Home!

Every Sunday (starting this Sunday the 25th) we will be opening our doors at 1pm for an informal Sunday Brunch.  We will provide food, coffee, and tea for anyone who would like to attend, and our hope is to spend as much time with all of you as possible before we move to California in May. There is no obligation attached to this invitation, so if you can’t come this week, or this month, come next week, or next month, or anytime you like.  You don’t have to bring anything (but you can if you want), you don’t have to RSVP (unless you have a special diet or allergy).  Feel free to bring a +1 or 2! Come late or early if you need to, like I said, it’s informal, so there will be no sitting at tables or official start times, but the food will be best and hottest at 1pm.

We hope to see you some Sunday

– janina and patrick


  • even though i always say you dont need to bring anything, many people always want to bring something. if you want to bring a something, and dont want to cook, simple things are always good: a small selection of pastries, a cocktail ingredient (orange juice and cheap champagne? vodka for bloody marys?), a bag of coffee, a nice loaf of bread, seasonal fruits, or a common brunch ingredient we can use next week (potatoes, eggs, etc), or a meat dish since i dont know how to cook meat.  but really really, dont feel like you need to bring something.
  • if you want to bring a full meal, or need to use our stove or oven, thats okay, just call ahead so i know whats what and can make room for you
  • if you have a special diet or alergy  it would be a good idea to call ahead and let me know.  there will always be vegetarian food, and likely a vegan option, but its best to be sure, and its no hassel to accomodate.  many of you are vegan and/or lactose intolerant and thats a-o-k!
  • please bring your friends loved ones and family if you like (you can bring your kids, we are a kid friendly house!), please let me know if you plan to bring more than 2 people with you so i can make sure i make enough!
  • if we ever need to cancel a brunch, we will send out an email notification to all of you, and we will be hosting brunch on superbowl sunday since its in the evening, but we will also be watching superbowl, and might ditch you if you hang out too late- just sayin’

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