Monthly Archives: September 2009

my bread by Jim Lahey and my fougasse

It is easy for me to recommend My Bread because I have been using Jim Lahey’s recipe for no knead bread ever since it was published in the New York Times almost 3 years ago.  It is a flawlessly simple recipe as well as versatile. It is based on the idea that modern bread recipes […]


Canning Tomatoes

I should preface this by saying I am not a fan of canning sauce.  Tomato sauce is so easy to make from canned tomatoes I really don’t see the need to make it early.  I only ever keep whole canned tomatoes in my kitchen, so I only ever make whole canned tomatoes.  This leaves me […]


Canning Tomatoes (short version)

Assuming you are familiar with canning, here is the condensed version of my photo essay. I’m writing this this way I wish all recipes were written when I already know what I’m doing and just want the basic information. If you find this to be a little too short, you can always check the photo […]