Monthly Archives: May 2010

Floral Manjar

While writing an article on different types of manjar (meyer lemon and chocolate orange!) for, I was struck by everyone’s suggestion in a blind test that Meyer Lemon Manjar tastes like lavender. It got me thinking. Why not make it lavender? I’ve been drinking a lot of lavender/rose tea, and happen to have plenty […]


Rhubarb Jam with Lavender

Rhubarb is a delicious and very misunderstood plant.  While many people are familiar with Strawberry-Rhubarb, it’s rare to find someone who can appreciate it solo.  Alone, rhubarb is extremely sour and refreshing, not that dissimilar to sour-grass, or even sorrel. Contrary to popular belief, raw rhubarb is not toxic. The sour in rhubarb comes from […]


Back in the Kitchen

Well. It’s been a long time. What can I say except life took over for a little while. I don’t intend to turn this blog into a diary with intermittent recipes, but I feel like I owe my imagined readership an explanation of some sort. I mean here I was all geared up to create […]