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Posted by on May 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm.

Photograph by Rosey Lakos

Well. It’s been a long time. What can I say except life took over for a little while. I don’t intend to turn this blog into a diary with intermittent recipes, but I feel like I owe my imagined readership an explanation of some sort. I mean here I was all geared up to create professional food blog, and I suddenly fell off the face of the earth!

Those of you who are close to me already know that Patrick and I split up in November. That was a huge blow the routine of my life, among other things. Since then I have moved to a lovely studio on Beach Hill surrounded by some of my favorite people (it’s a giant house split into apartments, and I adore everyone in each space). But I have found myself without reliable internet, and without the means to get it, and have been making my life increasingly busy, as busy as busy is possible. This has always been my way of dealing with my world when I don’t like it very much. The more I can do and busier I can be the better I start to feel about everything. But this means my focus is split and spastic and wild. I accomplish a lot, but in a bunch of different places.

So, what have I been up to? WELL… I’ve been running the Logos website for work which has been a lot of fun but an INSANE amount of work. The weekly news post alone requires me to read about 100 book-related news feeds a day. I was in my first art show in 5 years this February for the Fun-a-Day project, where you create a single art piece a day for the entire month of January. I’ve been working on learning the craft of typesetting for a couple of months now. Norm Davis, once a regular of Logos, was a printer and typesetter for most of his life, doing odd printing jobs for the businesses of Santa Cruz for years, mostly during the 80s (I believe).  He has graciously and amazingly offered to teach me to use the equipment purely from a desire to see someone continue the trade. This has been amazing for me, my love of printing surpasses everything else I do. I’ve started off by making business cards and redoing my website to match (it isn’t finished just yet). I made calling cards for my dear friend Cooper (pie maker and banjotier!), and started collaborating with Eric Redpath at Papercut Press, who has been slowly but surely giving me more confidence in silk screening. I’ve also been doing a lot more home printing, making stickers and envelopes, and working on projects for Indian Giver, an amazing stoner-rock band headed by Hiram Coffee. Pictures of these projects will go up sometime this week (I hope). I have started writing for again, an excellent web magazine run by Paul Davis out of Chicago. I wrote for them a while ago, and many of the recipes listed here link to that site. This time I am doing it collaboratively with photographer Rosey Lakos (you can see her photographs here and here), an amazing photographer and friend. You will start seeing her lovely photographs here as well. This week I’m starting a HUGE garden in Norm’s back yard with my upstairs neighbor David. David has been studying organic farming for several years now, and I’m really really super excited about having my own space to plant, and a seasoned gardener to work with.  In a couple of weeks I’m running off to Vermont, New York (for the Book Expo America) and then to Philadelphia (a place I still call home) to visit my friends and extended family. Then I will be back and posting up a food storm!

Until then, I’ll give you a little teaser- two recipes I hope to put up before I go. Floral Manjar- Manjar is a Chilean dulce de leche. While writing the recipes for isgreaterthan, many people thought the Meyer Lemon Manjar tasted like lavender, which inspired me to make a floral Manjar, using an infusion of rose and lavender.  Strawberries have been going full force here in California, and my next article for isgreaterthan will be a Brie Strawberry Shortcake with Honey Whipped Cream, as well as a spin off Chocolate Strawberry Parfait for this site. I promise to deliver DELICIOUSNESS!

So, there are still those of you out there who check back periodically hoping for new recipes, hold tight! They are on their way!

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