Pickled Peppers

Posted by on December 12, 2011 at 8:00 am.

I realize it’s been a while. I have a million excuses for not posting any food related things recently, but the main reason is that I’m still trying to find that balance between art, work, and food writing now that I don’t have any deadlines. The good news (for me) is that I have been very good at keeping up with art, doing roughly 1 print a week for the past year (even if it’s reprinting something I’ve already made) and I’ve been doing some general posters and drawing, keeping myself busy. The bad news is that I have a terrible internet connection, so doing anything on for a website is a seriously painful experience, meaning I generally only have patience to upkeep 1 site at a time. But! I haven’t been doing nothing food related! I recently made some amazing bread and butter zucchini pickles with my dear friend Elena, a recipe I hope to perfect next year (a little sugar + a little heat), and I recently harvested the last of Rain’s hot peppers for pickling!

I’d like to take any kind of credit for a pickling recipe for peppers, but I do basically nothing besides pickle them in apple cider vinegar and salt. I always (literally every time) use a recipe from a Colorado state website, and just omit the spices. It the simplest most basic recipe (you see an nice list of variations on their site).

The recipe I use is below:

Pickled Peppers

Ingredients (makes about 8 pints):

  • 6 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • peppers (hot, sweet, mixed, whatever)


  • rise and remove any blemishes from the peppers.
  • if they are large, cut them into strips removing the seeds and stems. If they are smaller peppers, slice them twice (about an inch long) on opposite sides.
  • Pack them tightly into pint jars leaving about an inch of head space.
  • heat the vinegar water and salt to a rolling boil, then fill each jar leaving about a half inch of headspace.
  • process in a water bath canner for 10 minutes
  • let cure for at least 3 months before opening.



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