Don’t Mourn Organize – PRINT | ORGANIZE | PROTEST and the New Yorker

In November I founded a new project with called PRINT | ORGANIZE | PROTEST Koak and Craig Dansfield. The project is a network of independent artists and printers working together for radical social change. P.O.P. events are coordinated and autonomous- we work together as a collaborators to coordinate action-oriented printing days and open our doors to the public to come and print shirts, signs, posters, make buttons. We encourage people to actively participate in local organizing events, including city council meetings, town halls, marches, demonstrations and protests. Here in Santa Cruz we’ve been using it as a way to get people ready for the General Strike.

This month we partnered with Interference Archive who hosted a P.O.P. event during their Inaugurate Resistance Propaganda Party where they saw upwards of 500 people come through in two days! One of their founders, Josh McPhee was interviewed about project by Democracy Now! and the New Yorker, where my “Don’t Mourn Organize” print was used as the featured image.

It’s all pretty exciting and pretty incredible.

One thought on “Don’t Mourn Organize – PRINT | ORGANIZE | PROTEST and the New Yorker

  1. I am very excited to see you being involved with a movement based on waking up the population to what is going on by using peaceful demonstrations that are heard with out causing harm. our society does need to wake up and not be like cows walking to the slaughter house. it is unfortunate that there is so much propaganda out there that one needs to dig deep to find the truths. i am against political parties myself. i think we should vote for the best canidate based on what they can do based on their past performance without all the lies flying around to discredit everyone. i am excited that they picked your poster, but i am not surprised. congratulations on many avenues <3

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