MY FRIENDS ARE AMAZING (I am endlessly impressed):

  • BLUE CRANES Reed, Joe, Ji, Rebecca and Keith play Jazz that makes you swoon… and head bang. No. Joke.
  • COOPER MCBEAN AND THE VESTED INTERESTS Cooper, Eric and Andy play bluegrass you can rock out to.
  • DEVIL MAKES THREE Pete, Lucia and Cooper make bluegrass feel like punk and sound like the dust bowl.
  • DYLAN MCCRYSTAL Writings from an amazing fella.
  • KAI SMART Unbelievable tattoo artist and illustrator.
  • MISS LONELY HEARTS Wyatt and friends play beautiful new folk country awesomeness.
  • NOTES FROM BELOW Stacie Willoughby’s poster art will freak you the fuck out.
  • PAPERCUT PRESS Eric Redpath’s silkscreening endeavors are endlessly inspiring.
  • PAUL M. DAVIS An amazing editor and writer for hire who loves llamas.
  • SHIGERU’S LIST Ray knows everything there is to know about Nintendo (seriously).
  • SILVER CURRANT Ethan shares awesome mixes on this site, and occasionally something dug up from Howlin Rain or Comets on Fire.
  • URBAN ARTICHOKE My wonderful aunt Patricia writes about urban gardening.